Commercial Exterior Painting

Exterior commercial painting includes the painting of commercial building walls, roofs, structural components & other objects/surfaces that may be located on the exterior. When New Hues Painting takes on a commercial painting project, we make sure that our painting contractors come prepared. They will typically attend a job site equipped with power washers, spray machines, scaffolding and other painting equipment. Ensuring that all exterior surfaces have been adequately prepared before we begin to paint is one of our biggest priorities in any commercial exterior painting endeavour. Our commercial painters follow a step-by-step regimen to make sure the job is done right the first time. This process entails:

  •  Repairing/fixing damaged substrates
  • Removing loose and peeling paint chips from the exterior surface
  • Power washing, shot blasting and/or pressure washing
  • Priming the surfaces
  • Applying finishing coats of an appropriate thickness

With more than 10 years of experience, we understand the importance of dealing with a trusted commercial painting company for large-scale, and often complicated, painting projects. New Hues’ commercial painters are full-service team; capable of handling commercial painting projects ranging from restaurant painting to school painting. New Hues Painting always yields extraordinary results, even when restricted by tight deadlines and conservative budgets.