Interior Painting


The interior of your home is where life happens, and our team of experienced professionals have the aesthetic skill to make it look beautiful. Whether your project involves intricate detailing or large spaces, we are equipped to complete any job to your satisfaction. Our focus on quality preparation includes:

  • Filling nail holes
  • Correcting blemishes
  • Caulking gaps in trim
  • Sanding rough areas
  • Straight cut lines
  • Smooth and durable finishes

Each and every room in your home deserves to be represented in it’s own way. Sometimes the simple act of choosing the right colour paint can create this uniqueness. New Hues Painting is here to help make that happen for you. Our team of professional residential painters offers customizable painting services that will ensure your walls and ceilings are protected and look beautiful.

For more than 10 years, New Hues Painting has offered the following interior painting services:

  • Bedroom painting
  • Bathroom painting
  • Kitchen painting
  • Living room painting
  • Dining room painting
  • Garage painting
  • Garage floor painting
  • Stucco removal

Our painters are passionate, dedicated and efficient in their residential painting work. Primarily serving the Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton markets, New Hues Painting has more than 250 residential painting projects under their belt. Offering our finest brands of paint, Dulux and Sherwin-Williams, New Hues Painting can conduct colour match consultations for your family. All of our residential interior painting work is finished with high quality coats to increase longevity. Our residential painters work efficiently and effectively to deliver top quality painting results at a bargain. Having our painters use their painting prowess to transform your walls and bring them to life is something you can’t afford to miss out on!