Surface Preparation

surface preparation

Proper surface preparation is necessary for paint to adhere to a surface, resulting in a long lasting paint job. At New Hues Painting, we specialize in impeccable preparation and believe there are no short cuts in the process. We provide a variety of preparation services, including:

  • Filling of nail holes and blemishes
  • Caulking gaps in trim
  • Power washing
  • Scraping off peeling or blistering paint
  • Sanding rough areas

Our reputation is built on the long lasting quality of our work, so you can be sure that our team will select the right preparation techniques for your project and spend the time to complete them well.

New Hues Painting carries out surface preparation techniques such as scraping away loose paint, sand blasting and pressure washing, if needed. All of the work we do as professional residential painters while on the jobsite is of a very high standard, including surface preparation. New Hues Painting deals exclusively with top quality paint and materials suppliers to ensure that the final finish looks appealing and lasts a reasonably long time. As an established and experienced residential painting contractor, we can assure you that our painting crew is fully qualified to take on any residential painting project.