10 Aspects Of A Great Paint Job

Not all paint jobs are the same. The type of paint that is sued and technique for application can make a tremendous difference in eth final results. When you are evaluating the quality of any paint job, there are a few things that you can look for... read more

Best Co-ed Paint Colors For Children

Rooms that are shared by both genders are pretty common in most homes. In some homes, it is necessary to have a co-ed bedroom, while other homes might have at least a co-ed playroom. When you are trying to come up with design options for more

Design Inspiration For A Master Bedroom

The master bedroom can be one of the trickiest rooms to design. Trying to come up with inventive design ideas for a co-ed master bedroom that both genders can agree on isn’t always easy. You need to create a space where you can relax and more

Design Inspiration For Your Nursery

Welcoming a baby into your home is an incredibly exciting time. When looking for design inspiration for your baby’s nursery, you can find ideas almost everywhere you turn. If you are having a bit of trouble envisioning what your nursery should more

Faux Finishes

Paint has the ability to transform any room, but it can be pretty typical if you are just using neutral colors and finishes. If you really want to raise the level of style, you can trade in traditional flat paint for a faux finish. Faux finishes are the style more

Finding Just The Right Shade Of White

White might seem like the most traditional paint color to use in your home, but it is actually the color that gives you the most style options. There is no longer just one shade of white to choose from. It might be a neutral shade that is easy to match with your more

Home Makeover: Picking The Perfect Colors

If you are looking to update or renovate your home, new paint colors allow you to transform any space and dial up the style on a budget that you can afford. However, choosing new paint colors for your entire home is not always easy. With so many different paint more

How Many Coats Of Paint Do You Need?

After you have chosen the type of paint color that you want to use, your next task is determining the amount of paint you will need. This depends not only on the size of the room that you are painting, but also the amount of coats that you will apply. Knowing more

How To Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper might have been a home design trend of the past, but it has quickly gone out of style. If you are looking to update your home and take any room from drab to fab, removing stubborn wallpaper from the walls is the best place to start. A fresh new coat more

How To Take Care Of Peeling Or Cracked Paint

Paint has the ability to transform any space and add a dimension of style that you never thought possible. However, some painting projects can be more challenging than others. If you are dealing with a painting surface that is peeling or cracked, it is essential more

How To Warm Up Any Room Using Ceiling Paint

If rooms in your home look dark and dreary, it is possible to warm up any space by concentrating on the ceiling. Ceilings are often the forgotten fifth wall in just about every room. You spend a lot of time and effort choosing just the right shade of paint for the more

Low/No VOC Paint: What Does That Mean?

When you look at paint, you normally just see color and texture. This might be what is most apparent, but there is much more than meets the eye. Besides your favorite color, there are also many ingredients that are designed to make paint more durable and functional more

Commercial Exterior Painting

Exterior commercial painting includes the painting of commercial building walls, roofs, structural components & other objects/surfaces that may be located on the exterior. When New Hues Painting takes on a commercial painting project, we make sure that our more

Commercial Interior Painting

New Hues Painting believes that it is imperative to communicate openly and clearly with commercial painting clients in order to optimize efficiency and progress during their commercial interior painting project. We ensure that we have allotted enough more

Industrial Painting

New Hues Painting offers a myriad of industrial painting services that have applications in a number of market segments. Especially when it comes to industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities and fabrication plants, interior more

Paint Colors That Brighten Any Room With Ease

Do the winter blues have you down? If everywhere you look is dark and drab, it is time to infuse a bit of color into your home. Brightening up rooms in your home with paint is a great way to enhance your mood and give you more energy. If gloomy weather’s got you more

Painters Guide: Top 5 Resources

Paint has the ability to transform any room and add a level of warmth of dramatic flair that you never expected. A little paint can go a long way, but if you aren’t a painting professional you may need a little guidance. If you don’t know the perfect paint colors more

Painting Your Home On A Budget

Decorating your home on a budget isn’t always easy, but a little paint can go a long way. No matter what budget you have, painting rooms in your home gorgeous colors that add style and dramatic flair is possible. You just have to know where to cut your costs more

Pet-Safe Painting

When you get ready to begin your interior painting project, chances are you take the color of paint and overall design of your home into careful consideration. You want to create a style that looks modern, but have you considered how painting your home can more

Top 3 Habits Of A Professional Painter

Choosing to have your home professionally painted is the best option for home owners who have little to no experience painting. It can even be the most convenient option for individuals who don’t have enough time to paint every room in their home. When you more