10 Aspects Of A Great Paint Job

10 Aspects of a Great Paint Job

Not all paint jobs are the same. The type of paint that is sued and technique for application can make a tremendous difference in eth final results. When you are evaluating the quality of any paint job, there are a few things that you can look for.

Here are the 10 aspects of a great paint job that you can notice right away:

  1. No visible runs

    One of the most noticeable flaws in any paint job is runs. This involves streaks of paint that have dripped down and dried leaving behind their mark. If there are no visible runs or sags, you have done a good job at covering the walls without using excess paint.

  2. Flawless floor

    You want the walls to be covered with gorgeous paint, but you do not want spots on the floor. Great paint jobs are precise and do not leave behind any pant splatter or drippings on the floor.

  3. No pattern left behind

    Another aspect of a great paint job is the inability to see any paint brush strokes or paint roller marks. All the paint is applied in a seamless fashion that leaves behind a flawless finish.

  4. Imperfections are covered

    If paint is applied most effectively, there should be no blemishes or imperfections left behind.

  5. No lines on the ceiling

    Great paint jobs also transition effortlessly from one color to another. You can’t see any overlapping or streaking between the wall and the ceiling.

  6. No adhesion issues

    High quality paint jobs also show no signs of adhesion issues and don’t involve any chipping or peeling paint due to harsh substrate residue being left behind on the wall.

  7. Perfect coloring

    If there is no uneven color or blotching that is noticeable, this is another surefire sign of a great paint job. Improper coloring can be the results of not using enough coats of paint or using improper technique for application.

  8. Untouched light switches

    The encasings for all light switches and outlets will also look untouched and without blemishes if they were properly removed when paint is applied, which is ideal.

  9. Straight lines

    If more than one color is used on a wall, you will be able to see completely straight lines.

  10. No particles left behind

    There are also no dust or dirt particles adhered to the paint. This is due to eth fact that all dirt and dust was removed before painting began.