How To Take Care Of Peeling Or Cracked Paint

How To Take Care Of Peeling Or Cracked Paint

Paint has the ability to transform any space and add a dimension of style that you never thought possible. However, some painting projects can be more challenging than others. If you are dealing with a painting surface that is peeling or cracked, it is essential that you take extra care. Any wall in your home that has peeling or cracked paint can be an unsightly mess that detracts from the overall style. It is easy to correct peeling or cracked paint if you follow the right steps.

All you need to do is follow these simple tips and you can get rid of any peeling or cracked paint in your home:

  1. Scraping is key

    In order to correct wall imperfections including peeling or cracking, you need to scrap the painting surface before you begin any other steps. It is important to scrape off as much loose paint as possible. This will remove any paint that is peeling off of the walls.

  2. Repair cracks

    Cracks are a little bit different than peeling paint and require you to use a patching compound. You can use this type of compound sighing cracks of walls to help fill them in. Just apply the compound using a putty knife and be precise when filling in the crack to leave behind a smooth surface. Before you move on to any other steps you need to allow the patching compound to dry thoroughly.

  3. Sanding creates smoothness

    Once you have gotten rid of the peeling paint or filled in the cracks, you can begin the process of covering these imperfections. Sanding is an important step, because it allows you to create a smooth surface. Sand the entire area that has been scrapped and repaired. Be sure to wipe the entire area when finished to remove all dust particles.

  4. Apply primer and paint

    Peeling and cracked walls are often caused by moisture issues. Applying a primer to the wall can seal and prevent future moisture problems. Just apply the primer using a paint brush or roller and give the primer time to dry before you begin paint application. You can use a latex paint and apply up to 2 coats depending on the amount of coverage that you need.

  5. No matter how severe the peeling or cracks may be, these steps are an effective way to take care of them for good.