How To Warm Up Any Room Using Ceiling Paint

How To Warm Up Any Room Using Ceiling Paint

If rooms in your home look dark and dreary, it is possible to warm up any space by concentrating on the ceiling. Ceilings are often the forgotten fifth wall in just about every room. You spend a lot of time and effort choosing just the right shade of paint for the rest of the walls in yourhome, but your ceilings don’t always get the style attention they deserve. The overall design of any room can be enhanced and transformed by using a unique color of paint for your ceilings. Instead of just opting for traditional and boring white paint for your ceilings, you can warm up any room by adding color.

Give your ceilings a second glance
It is time to look at your ceiling from a new perspective. Color, pattern and texture can go a long way in transforming the style in any room. You shouldn’t just go with white ceilings because they are the norm. Your ceiling is a chance for you to brighten up the room and add levels of style that you never thought possible. The next time that you are looking to refresh or warm up the look of a room, you need to start by looking up.

Large rooms can look unbalanced
Large rooms in your home that are filled with furniture could use a warm up the most. If you have plain white ceilings in rooms that are filled with furniture and floor coverings, you need to add color to the top half of the room to balance out the style. This adds a level of warmth that makes the room feel more inviting and balanced.

Try experimenting with deeper colors
It is possible to warm up any room using darker paint on your ceilings. This might sound counterproductive, but it is actually the best way to make any room feel more cozy and comfortable. You might try experimenting with deeper paint colors including cocoa, eggshell or pearl on your ceiling. Any large open space will immediately feel more balanced and warmer.

Contrasting color
It is also possible to make any small room appear larger by choosing a paint color for your ceiling that contrasts with the walls. You have a lot of design options at your disposal and can get creative with it.

The next time you begin a painting project, you need to begin by looking up at the ceiling.