Low/No VOC Paint: What Does That Mean?

Low/No VOC Paint: What Does That Mean?

When you look at paint, you normally just see color and texture. This might be what is most apparent, but there is much more than meets the eye. Besides your favorite color, there are also many ingredients that are designed to make paint more durable and functional for exterior or interior use. Most common household paints actually contain high amounts of volatile organic compounds also known as VOC. The level of VOC in your paint depends on the formulation. Low/No VOC paint is designed to be a healthier alternative that is safer for the environment, pets and people.

Here is some more important information on what Lox/NO VOC paint really is and the benefits that it can offer:

What are volatile organic compounds?
At first glance, volatile organic compounds can seem pretty frightening. The most common types of these compounds that are found in household paints include formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene. These compounds are found to be toxic and can be harmful to the environment and your health if you are exposed to them in high amounts. Most Paint does not contain enough VOCs to do any real damage, but some have higher amounts than others. Low/No VOC paints have to meet specific guidelines set by the EPA to obtain this type of labeling.

What type of paint is labeled low/no voc?
The specifications for Low/NO VOC paint are pretty straightforward. These paints must have no more than 100 parts per gallon that are identified as Low VOC. Those that are labeled as No VOC paint have even fewer VOCs and only have them in trace amounts that can’t even be measured since they are so small. Those paints that are Low/NO VOC paints are safer and are the optimal option if health is a major concern.

Natural paints
Low/No VOC paints are more natural and have ingredients that are alternatives to traditional toxins. This means that these paints are formulated without the use of petroleum-based by-products. Even though Low VOC paints have only small amounts of toxins, they do contain some naturally occurring toxins. Instead of being infused with man-made chemicals these safer paints are formulated with oils, solvents from trees or fruits.

If you are looking for a safer alternative to traditional paint, you can look for brands that have a Low/No VOC label. This will allow you to know for sure how many toxins exist in the formulation of the paint you purchase for your home.