Commercial Interior Painting

Commercial Interior Painting

For commercial painting applications in general, exactly what and when something needs to be painted is a major contributing factor in the process of deciding which paint supplier to use, the numbers of coats to apply and which part of the commercial painting project to tackle first. New Hues Painting believes that it is imperative to communicate openly and clearly with commercial painting clients in order to optimize efficiency and progress during the project.

Many commercial painting projects, especially when it comes to interior painting, can be time and budget sensitive. As such, we ensure that we have allotted enough manpower and time to complete the project appropriately. We put together the right team of commercial painters to fit your custom painting needs. Over the years we have learned that it takes industry expertise coupled with a broad range of painting skills to efficiently execute a project. Our commercial painting teams work in a number of diverse markets, including:

  • Residency (apartment buildings, townhouses, residential painting)
  • Retail (shopping plazas, malls, retail outlet painting)
  • Commercial office painting
  • Healthcare (hospital painting, medical research laboratories, etc.)
  • Hospitality (hotel/motel painting)
  • Institutional painting (school painting, college/university painting projects)
  • And many more!

To learn more about New Hues Painting's commercial interior painting services, please give our friendly team a call today!