Painters Guide: Top 5 Resources

Painters Guide: Top 5 Resources

Paint has the ability to transform any room and add a level of warmth of dramatic flair that you never expected. A little paint can go a long way, but if you aren’t a painting professional you may need a little guidance. If you don’t know the perfect paint colors to choose or the best painting techniques, you need a little help from reliable sources.

Here are 5 valuable painting resources for anyone interested in painting their home:

  1. Wonderful colors

    How can you pick the perfect color of paint if you don’t fully understand what color is. This website at, is a complete overview of what color is and how we perceive it with our eyes. You will never see color the same way after visiting this website and will have a new appreciation for the many shades of paint that are available.


    This is a really helpful site that you can visit when you have a question about any given topic. However, it can be especially helpful for anyone wanting to learn how to choose the right color of paint. You will find advice on how to select a color seem and what shades of paint fit best together. Mixing neutral paint colors with bright shades is possible if done right. This resource will give you quick access to color choosing tips and tricks that will simplify your decision.

  3. This Old House

    A color wheel is a resource that just about every painting beginner needs. At this website you will find an easy to use color wheel that allows you to learn more about complimentary, secondary and primary colors. You will learn about the colors that match perfectly and look cleaner and brighter when paired together. You don’t have to start your next painting project blind.

  4. HGTV

    Sometimes you need to see something for yourself to truly understand how it’s done. At this site, you will find countless “how to” painting videos that will teach you proper technique and helpful tricks.

  5. DIY Network

    Everyone needs a little bit of advice when they begin painting at home. This resource will give you great “do’s and don’ts” that will keep you from making major painting mistakes.

    Before you begin to paint your home, it would be a good idea for you to check out these invaluable painting resources that can guide your way.