Best Co-ed Paint Colors For Children

Best Co-ed Paint Colors For Children

Rooms that are shared by both genders are pretty common in most homes. In some homes, it is necessary to have a co-ed bedroom, while other homes might have at least a co-ed playroom. When you are trying to come up with design options for co-ed rooms, it is important to consider the paint colors that work best for both genders.

There are a few tips and tricks that you can’t forget about when trying to choose the right paint color for any co-ed room:

  1. Take personality into consideration

    You need to take the interest and personalities of the boy and girl that will be using the room most. This allows you to choose colors that are personalized, but also more gender neutral. By incorporating personalities into the design, you can choose favorite colors.

  2. Don’t think that everything has to match perfectly

    You don’t have to choose paint colors that will necessarily match with the décor items perfectly. Not everything in the room needs to match, which makes it so much easier for you to choose paint colors for a co-ed room. Even though a co-ed room does not need to match perfectly, it does need to fit together aesthetically.

  3. What colors work best?

    There really are no rule for painting a co-ed room, but there are some paint colors that work better than others. Reds, blues, greens and yellows are shades of paint that are ideal for both sexes. You want to stay away from pinks, purples and oranges if possible.

  4. Color blocking is ideal

    Color blocking can also be a great design option for co-ed rooms. You can choose two different contrasting paint colors that still fit well together. Painting a room cherry red with a sky blue wall can be the perfect color scheme for a co-ed room. Matching this color design with white décor allows for a lot of style and gender neutral appeal.

  5. Go beige

    Beige and browns are also really great paint colors for co-ed rooms. Since they are so neutral, it is easy to add color to the space with accessories and décor that adds a personal touch. There are a number of shades of beige and brown paints that you can chose from, so you should have no trouble finding the right shade.

  6. Painting a co-ed room is easy if you choose from the right gender neutral paint colors.