Top 3 Habits Of A Professional Painter

Top 3 Habits Of A Professional Painter

Choosing to have your home professionally painted is the best option for home owners who have little to no experience painting. It can even be the most convenient option for individuals who don’t have enough time to paint every room in their home. When you hire professional painters you not only receive outstanding quality, but you’ll also be able to learn a few unique tricks of the trade. Below are 3 of the most popular habits professional painters have.

1. Avoiding the use of tape
Painters’ tape is something that is generally avoided by professionals simply because they don’t have the need for it. A professional painter will have strong hands and a unique attention to detail that allows them to make the perfect edges with every stroke, meaning that tape would essentially be useless. Another important thing to note about tape is that if it is removed at the wrong time it can either peel the paint off of the wall or cause bleeding between two colours. Not being able to use tape is the quintessential trademark of a professional painter.

2. Protecting the painted area
It’s the responsibility of the contractor you hire to ensure all of your belongings are properly protected throughout the entire job. This means they will have to move furniture, cover items with drop cloths, and ensure that the work area is clean from the beginning to the end of the job. Moving furniture gives the painter access to hard to reach areas without having to worry about getting paint on the client’s belongings, which also applies to drop cloths. In order to ensure the space looks professionally finished, your hired painter will clean the entire room.

3. Working from the top down
If you ever have the time to watch how a painter completes their project, you’ll notice they start with the ceilings and work their way down. This helps to ensure that they get the perfect edging where the wall meets the ceiling and that the colour is evenly distributed across the entire surface. It also gives them the ability to do simple touchups in the event of bleeding colours due to paint quality. Working from the top down allows your chosen painter to analyze their work and ensure that it is perfectly finished for when you move into your home.

With the help of a professional painter you can take advantage of the beauty of their work without having to put in hours of effort. Want to learn more about our professional painting services? Contact us right away at 905-321-5886.