Design Inspiration For Your Nursery

Design Inspiration For Your Nursery

Welcoming a baby into your home is an incredibly exciting time. When looking for design inspiration for your baby’s nursery, you can find ideas almost everywhere you turn. If you are having a bit of trouble envisioning what your nursery should look like, you don’t have to worry.

From paint colors to design themes, here is the inspiration you have been searching for:

  1. African safari adventure

    A safari theme is perfect for any nursery. It seem like a wild and dangerous design inspiration, but you can use light paint colors and simple decor to create a serene space that is filled with exotic animals. White paint with light gray stripes can be the perfect way to cover your nursery walls. Fill the space with expertly placed turquoise accents, and you have a safari themed nursery that your baby is sure to love.

  2. Vintage appeal

    If you are a bit more old school with your design approach, you can make the style focal point of your nursery a vintage decor item. Restoring vintage lockers that can be used for storage can be a great style focal point. You can use orange and gray paint to cover the walls and create a space that is unique, but also personalized.

  3. Chic for your baby girl

    In most cases, you want your nursery to be serene and soothing. Choosing light paint colors that warm up the space are ideal. For a feminine nursery, you can choose a light shade of lavender paint to contrast with white accessories. Fun prints and layered textures can be the perfect complement that allows for chic style. You can even tackle one of your very own DIY projects to crafts something cute to display on the walls.

  4. Color palette should be simple

    It is best to shy away from dark or bold paint colors in the nursery. You want soft shades of paint that are calming. This means paint colors like ivory, pink, light blue and beige are optimal. Adding bold patterns to the room as accessories are the best ways to add pops of color.

  5. You can find design inspiration for your nursery everywhere you look. Don’t be afraid to try something different and be sure to think about the mood you want to create for your baby. Do it up big, no matter what design you choose, because your baby deserves a stylish and soothing nursery to call their own.