Home Makeover: Picking The Perfect Colors

Home Makeover: Picking The Perfect Colors

If you are looking to update or renovate your home, new paint colors allow you to transform any space and dial up the style on a budget that you can afford. However, choosing new paint colors for your entire home is not always easy. With so many different paint colors to choose from the decision can seem a bit overwhelming. Before you buckle under the pressure, you should try out a few tips and tricks that make choosing paint colors simplified.

  1. Start small

    If you have the urge to experiment with new shades of paint in your home, it is always a good idea to start small. Instead of trying out a bright color in your living room, you should start with your bathroom. Smaller rooms in your home are the perfect space to experiment with more unique or noticeable paint colors.

  2. What type of mood do you want to create?

    When you are choosing a paint color for any room in your home, you are basically creating a mood. Do you want the space to be dramatic, romantic, soothing or intimate? Soft or light paint colors are ideal for creating a relaxing or calming ambiance, but darker paint colors create a mood that adds more drama. Warm colors are known to create a more social atmosphere, while dark shades of paint are more formal. Knowing the type of mood that you want to create is the key to selecting the right paint color.

  3. How will it look in the lighting?

    The type of lighting that is present in any room will play a large role in how the paint color appears. Natural light allows for the true color to show most vividly, but rooms with incandescent lighting bring out the warmer undertones and yellows of the paint color. Fluorescent lighting is different in the way that it casts a blue tone on the paint color. You need to take the lighting into question when you are choosing a paint color to ensure that it looks the way you want it to.

  4. Walk from room to room

    It is important that the design of your entire home flows together. This means that you need to select paint colors that don’t necessarily match, but fit together in a way that makes the design ofeach room seamless as you move through the home.