How Many Coats Of Paint Do You Need?

How Many Coats Of Paint Do You Need?

After you have chosen the type of paint color that you want to use, your next task is determining the amount of paint you will need. This depends not only on the size of the room that you are painting, but also the amount of coats that you will apply. Knowing exactly how many coats of paint to put on your walls is not always easy, but there are a few helpful tips and tricks that can make your decision much more simplified.

Here are a few of the most common painting projects scenarios and how many coats of paint you will need for each:

  1. Freshening up your walls with similar paint color

    If you are looking to freshen or update the walls in your home with a similar color of paint to the one that already exists, chances are you will only need to apply one coat. If you properly clean the surface before you begin and use a high quality paint roller for application, one coat of paint should be sufficient. You won’t even have to prime the walls before you begin paint application. You should have an evenly painted surface after just one coat of paint.

  2. Switching the color entirely

    If you are going from a light to dark paint color or dark to light, you will have to apply more than one coat of paint. The actual number of coats that you have to use depends on the shade of the paint you are trying to cover up and the color of paint that you are using. If you are covering up a light colored wall with a darker color, you will likely only need to use about 2 coats of paint. However, if you are going from dark to light, it could take up to 6 coats of paint to achieve even colored walls.

  3. Try using a primer

    If you want to avoid having to apply coat after coat of paint on your walls, you can try using a paint primer when going from dark to light. Using a primer allows you to apply just one coat of paint and achieve the look that you desire with the most ease.

    If you aren’t sure how many coats of paint your painting project might need, it could be a good idea to use a primer and make your job simpler.