How To Remove Wallpaper

How To Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper might have been a home design trend of the past, but it has quickly gone out of style. If you are looking to update your home and take any room from drab to fab, removing stubborn wallpaper from the walls is the best place to start. A fresh new coat of trendy paint can be the best way to infuse style and flair into any room. However, the hard part involves knowing the most effective techniques for removing stubborn wallpaper from your walls. If you have not hired professional Oakville painters to tackle your painting project, chances are you will have your hands full with outdated wallpaper from the 80’s.

Removing stubborn wallpaper without the professional help of house painters in Oakville is possible if you follow a few helpful tips. These are the common procedures that professional painters in Oakville use for removing wallpaper and they may work for you too.

  1. Don’t skip the prep work

    The only way to get stubborn wallpaper removed in the shortest amount of time possible is to prep the walls before you begin scraping. You can’t just start scraping away and expect to get optimal results. This means that you should begin by covering all the furniture in your room to ensure that it is not damaged during the wallpaper removal process. Taking off all switch plates and outlet covers will also help to make your job easier. It is also recommended that you cut the power to the room that you will be removing wallpaper from beforehand.

  2. Score wallpaper

    An important wallpaper removal step that you can’t forget about involves scoring the wallpaper. This means that you use a scorer to create little holes within the wallpaper. This makes it so much easier to penetrate to the base of the wall. You ca then begin mixing a solution of hot water and fabric softener that can be used to spray on the wallpaper.

  3. Soak walls thoroughly

    Do not be stingy with the removal solution. You need to coat the wallpaper thoroughly. Make sure that you work in sections and only spray wallpaper that you have the ability to remove within a 15 minute time period. The solution only needs to soak in for a few minutes before you can begin removing the wallpaper. When removing wallpaper, always remember to pull from the bottom corner in an upward motion.