Commercial Painting

Exterior Painting

Burlington, Ontario companies want their commercial properties to look as appealing as possible to make their staff and existing clients feel comfortable, and to attract potential business. New Hues Painting can help you achieve just such an eye catching commercial premises with the help of our exterior painting services. Our exterior painting services are executed by talented commercial painters who are certified, bonded and insured. Before our painters begin any commercial exterior painting project, they make sure they are fully prepared. Our painters typically attend an exterior painting job site equipped with power washers, scaffolding, spray machines, high quality paints from Sherwin Williams and Dulux, and other painting equipment necessary for ensuring the successful completion of the exterior painting project. They endeavour to adequately prepare all exterior commercial surfaces prior to painting, so that our client is 100% satisfied with the finished result. Following our commercial painting process that involves assessment and estimate, preparation, painting, clean-up and inspection, our painters are capable of applying their exterior painting skills to a vast array of surfaces:

  • Factory-painted metal
  • Walls, floors, roofs & ceilings
  • Aluminum siding
  • Galvanized metal
  • Stucco
  • Steel panels
  • Corrugated metal
  • Brick
  • And many other surfaces

Our exterior painting services for commercial buildings such as commercial office buildings, parking garages and retail stores includes the painting of roofs, structural components, walls and other objects or surfaces that are located on the commercial building’s exterior. Each surface type may require an additional coating of epoxy, urethane / polyurethane, or non-skid or fire-resistant material for added protection from corrosion, fading, micro-organismal infection, or decay caused by inclement Southern Ontario weather. With more than 10 years of exterior painting experience, New Hues Painting understands the importance of dealing with a trusted commercial painting company for large-scale exterior painting projects. No matter what type of commercial building your company operates in in Burlington, Toronto, Brampton, St. Catharines, Brantford, Kitchener / Waterloo or Stoney Creek, our painters will provide you with the durability and professional look you have been searching for! We are a full-service team of commercial painters who always yield extraordinary results on-time and within budget. For more information about New Hues Painting’s exterior painting services, or any of our other commercial painting services, please connect with us today!